Quotes from the Lineage

“The only thing of value in this world is love. It is eternal, infinite and undecaying. In this love this world is your home and all barriers that separate you from one another are destroyed.”

Sri Swami Sivananda ji

“Yoga is all those practices that enable you to discover health – which is not an absence of the symptoms of sickness, but which is wholeness and holiness ….. an inner state of being in which there is no division at all.”

Sri Swami Venkatesananda ji

“Yoga is about the recognition that at every moment of our lives we stand at a crossroad – a place of choice but also a place of infinite possibilities. Once we are aware of the crossroad, aware with our body, aware with our heart, aware with our mind, we know how to set ourselves up to take the right direction.”

Sri Swami Ambikananda ji

The Traditional Yoga Association was founded to continue the tradition established by Swami Venkatesananda of articulating the classical teachings of Yoga in ways that are appropriate for present-day students.

Yoga is a practice, a philosophy and a science that can enable the autonomous individual to attain a state of universal consciousness in which the True Self is more fully revealed. To this end we teach the methods and ethics of Yoga that the ancient visionaries of India taught for arriving at such a moment of Truth.

The TYA runs Hatha Yoga classes, meditation groups and courses, and philosophy classes that make space for reflection and research as well as devotion and service.

In order to nurture the pursuit of freedom within ourselves we bring our consciousness to the expressions of bondage outside of ourselves, in our global community. We therefore created The MUKTI Project, which raises funds for the education of dispossessed and endangered children, as one way of responding to the call of the ancient Yogis who taught ‘Ekam Sat - all beings are One Being’.

Hatha Yoga Classes open to the public are run by teachers fully trained in the traditional Yoga techniques of asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), relaxation and meditation. This site has a section to help you find a teacher.

Our Yoga Teachers Training Course is available for all those interested in deepening their study of Yoga and who wish to be certificated to teach. It encompasses all the traditional Yoga practices as well as anatomy and physiology and teaching methodology. Completion of this course entitles certificated teachers to full TYA membership which includes insurance and ongoing support.

Our Meditation Courses are available for both those who wish to practise and learn more about meditation and those who wish to teach and run meditation groups.

Workshops related to Yoga, Eastern philosophy and health issues are run throughout the year.

TYA Teachers Forum on Blogspot.

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